After I wrote the last article, I thought of a few more things to consider when you choose and register a domain name.  Here they are:

Striving to Fulfill Expectations:

One crucial way of connecting with the clients is through the domain name. It is, therefore, important that a domain name is selected in such a way that potential clients instantly and correctly conjecture the type of content to be found in the website. For example, choosing a domain such as would instinctively show the client that the website deals with matters, health.

Avoid Trendy Words and Adjectives:

The use of generally trendy words and adjectives in domain name selection may not be the best strategy to apply. This is because of the authenticity that comes with these words and it cannot be ruled out that other web creators are also using the same words; thus lowering optimization. Similarly, the use of hyphens and numbers should be avoided as they always lead to multiple misunderstandings.

Get A Good Deal:

If you are going to go through Godaddy to register your domain name (which I recommend), then you might as well save yourself some money and use a promo code.  You can find Godaddy coupon codes all over the internet, but if you are looking for a discount on a domain renewal, then, that can be harder to find.  Check out this website that I have found that is an excellent source of godaddy renewal coupons, and is updated regularly, so you know that you always get working codes.

Discard Copyright Infringement:

One last issue to consider on how to select a domain name is the issue of copyright infringement. Even though copyright infringement on domain names may rarely occur, it can be extremely disastrous and expensive if it occurs. It is therefore, fundamental to confirm that the name is not trademarked before embarking on buying it. On the same note, acting fast in buying your already created domain name, especially through Godaddy would be key in protecting your nicely selected domain name.

Devising a Domain Name:
The first and main step in selecting a perfectly fitting domain name has to be the devising of the name itself. This can be ideally done through a thorough brainstorming of keywords. You should have few selected words or phrases that would easily and perfectly depict the desired domain name. However, the selection a domain name should not just be constricted to keywords alone. Thinking beyond the keywords and coming up with something more outstanding, simple and brand-related maybe vital in selecting a perfect domain name.  Here are some important factors to consider:


With most businesses going online at the turn of every second, you should keep in mind that coming up with a distinct and unique domain name is equally important. The internet being a global business platform, one should be able to create a name that would not be confused with other established domain names, as this would work negatively towards the business. For instance, you should not use a plural or a closely related word to popular websites or a site already owned by someone else. Again, engaging the services of one of the best web hosting companies such as Godaddy would be important in evading such a disaster.  You can find out more info about Godaddy here:

Prefer Dot.Com, .net, .org Domain Names:

Another crucial factor in choosing a perfect domain name is the issue of using a extension. Recent researches reveal that millions of web users perfectly assume that anything to do with a website has to have a You can use this worldwide assumption to your advantage, especially if the business or the product requires high web traffic. Differently, it is advisable that you become careful in using these extensive names wisely so as not to lose web traffic to well-established websites.

The Easier The Better:

Settling on an easy to type domain name is vital to succeeding on the highly competitive online platform. This relatively has to do with the Search Engine Result Page (SERPs). An easy domain name would always come to mind. The name should be easy to remember so as to give it an edge over other names. On the same note, it is advisable to avoid names with multiple spellings as this may make it cumbersome for clients to find your website.